Hello! Christine here! I am an architect by profession and everything else in between. I am an avid eater, a trying-hard singer, a passionate dancer, a cupcake baker, a personal GPS and everything you can think of. I don’t know why but I love anything and everything. Not sure where I got that trait of mine, but I am really fond of adventure. Pwede nyo na akong itago sa pangalanag “babaeng-kaladkarin”. Hahaha!

Since 2000, high school I think, I already wanted to start blogging but I was not that confident with my writing skills. Parang wala rin ako masyado experience to share sa lahat ng makakabasa ng blog ko. After reading the blog of Divine Lee, I decided that I will start my own blog. I-push na ang pwedeng i-push. Si Divine Lee a.k.a “babaeng bakla”  is known to be the Mother of Beckys (Gays) here in the Philippines. She writes everything from fashion, books she reads, parties she attends, and lots of stuff about just being herself. She really is someone I look forward to meeting one day. Check out nyo lang ung blog niya. Divine

I thought to myself if she can do it, then maybe I can too. All I have to do is write from my heart. Ang drama lang.  Enjoy everything that is happening to me and share it here on my blog.

So please feel free to look at my blog and find something, at sometime, that might catch your interest. I might not post often but I will try my best to update this blog and share what I experience.


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