Driving Skills Tested

Exactly one year ago, I had a car accident which I did not EVER see coming. It was a Saturday afternoon when I was on my way to work from Las Piñas. I took home the company car because it took us forever to leave work last night. Spell dedicated employees. Sipsip. I was about to fetch my office mate from  Parañaque when on my way I encountered two hearse. I overtook the two, got me worried and messaged my better half if he was okay. He was in Japan during the accident, I thought something was wrong.

Me and my office mate got to Makati safe and sound. I dropped her off in the office so I could head to the hardware store and buy materials for one of our company projects. I came from Adelantado street and turned right to V.A. Rufino. I was able to turn right, right before the stoplight turned orange. Once I was able to turn, the stoplight for the Rufino street was still in red but before I got to the corner it turned green already. I looked left for the cars coming from Amorsolo skyway exit and they were on stop, so I stepped on the gas. Right when I hit the intersection of Rufino and Amorsolo, a taxi just flew from my right corner vision to the front of the car. Instead of going straight to Rufino and turn left to Chino Roces, the car ended up looking like I was on my way to Amorsolo.




The driver of the taxi and his passenger were rushed to the nearest hospital which was Makati Medical Center. The driver was an old man who was conscious/unconscious after the accident. His passenger suffered a broken nose since I think his face hit the back of the front passenger seat. I got out of the accident with only a scratch from the seatbelt.


The overlooking crowd told me that it was not my fault and that the taxi driver was beating the red light. I really panicked, gladly my office mates were in the office as well. The taxi driver was looking for some help with the expenses and I told him my side of the story and it was not my fault. The policeman told us that the passenger will be the one to decide who was at fault. My office mate was able to talk to the passenger and he told my office mate that the taxi driver was really beating the red light.

I know that I am a pretty defensive driver but nothing prepped me for what I experienced that day. Glad that I was told to always wear my seat-belt.

Happy Anniversary!