Venue Ocular 03: More Options

More options for wedding reception venues, more fun in preparing your wedding. Pak!


A. The Veranda at Bellarosa Farm – Toledo Street, SitioApiad, Barangay Pulong Bunga, Silang, Cavite

For us to  be able to access the farm, I had my waze turned on, but a few months from seeing this place, they have already placed signages from Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road to help the public see the farm easier.  


When we visited the farm same time last year, this was how their reception venue looked like. I was still in the midst of its construction, but you can see that design is just simple probably to better highlight the garden around it. 20150821_161456

They have two gardens to accommodate a ceremony and a cocktail party prior to the reception if it is to be held at the pavilion. They also have rooms available for the bride and grooms family. Rates are available at their website.

Cost of their package: Kindly check their website.



  • Similar to the first two venue blogs I posted, this type of venue should be taken into consideration of outdoorsy couples only, which means, I am out. Hahaha! Beautiful garden and perfect lawns.
  • The rooms were nice and big. We could probably squeeze our family in the rooms and still have space for our grandparent.
  • Their staff is very accommodating. We went there while it was raining and construction was on-going, and yet they still let us see the place.
  • The lower garden is so big that you can probably have 500 guests at your party.


  • For outdoorsy couples only. No cemented road inside the vicinity, the last time I went there.
  • No views of the Lake nor the Volcano. This one is situated on the city side.
  • No heels please, or else, you will end up cleaning your shoes the next day.

TIN’S GRADE: 7 out of 10. I wish I can say yes to this but considering my groom, hmmmm. Next.

VERDICT: NOT THE VENUE FOR US. This becomes tiresome. Hahahaha! More options, More fun.


B. BALAI TAAL – Ligaya Drive, Brgy. Sungay, Tagaytay City, PHILIPPINES

This was PAK GANERN!!! Straight in your face. You will immediately have that THIS IS ITTTT!!! feeling and when you see the price. Shuck, I knew it. Something is wrong. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

The houses were designed by Architect Bobby Mañosa, who is known for being one of the notable Filipino Architects. There are two houses to be rented out for I think 3 days and 2 nights. No other option if you are having a wedding. Isn’t that sad? Hahahaha! We do not burn cash for a living. Hahahaha!

Cost of their package: Kindly check their website.



  • The impeccable view. No questions asked. 20150821_170756
  • The well maintained rooms and the manicured gardens.20150821_170927
  • The luxury of having this for 3 days. Dang. Need to work my ass off now if we are to celebrate our 50th anniversary and have to marry again, I would like this. Hehehe


  • Too expensive for a 3-day affair. Burn money! BURN!!
  • Not meant of big receptions. If you are to have the reception here, it will be celebrated in the garden between the two houses. I think, 100pax is the most appropriate number of guests to have. If you want to squeeze more, then 150pax would be the limit I guess.
  • Open area for the reception, not good for pawisin, and tag-ulan.
  • Not advisable for the elderly, you would need to go down a flight of steps to access the garden reception venue.

TIN’S GRADE: 10 out of 10. Now which bank to rob. You can book the houses separately if you just want to feel like a princess for at least overnight. Hahahaha!


Next post will be our venue. yieeeeee!!!