Venue Ocular 02: Narra Hill


This is Narra Hill. A compound owned by a family which they originally planned to use on their own, but currently is being used as a bed and breakfast place and an events place.

I was able to see their kubos from airbnb and low and behold, they have an events place, that led me to invite my family and have the place checked out if it can be considered as the reception of my wedding.


  • The view of Taal Lake and the volcano was spectacular. Pak! Ganern Levels!20150628_141421
  • Their venue had a rustic but modern feel to it which is what I like. Modern Filipino Architecture kungbaga.
  • They had 2 Kubos at the time we visited them, but probably they have more now, which could be rented also for the family members of the bride and groom.
  • 20150628_140830
  • They have a small pool and jacuzzi with a view of the lake.
  • There is a bridal room right beside the pavilion to accommodate the bride and the groom before they enter the venue.
  • There is a nice garden below the pavilion where you can have your ceremony or your cocktail event20150628_142431


  • The events place is not air conditioned. However the package from Narra Hill includes air coolers and the glass doors of the pavilion are all movable to allow  cold air to come in. 20150628_143324
  • The road going to Narra Hill was a surprise. The road was winding the sides of the mountain, but it was all worth it for me. The owners told us that there is another way to go to Narra Hill other than Tagaytay, that is thru Talisay, Batangas, but the travel time would be much longer than that of the other way.

The Cost of Package: Php165,000.00 Kindly visit the Narra Hill’s website to know the inclusions of the package.


TIN’S GRADE: 7 out of 10. I gave it a seven because of  how I will be able to reach the place. Yes the journey is part of the experience, but if I was the only one driving, then no problem. I would have to consider the guests as well and the suppliers. But hey, I heard lots of wedding are being done in Narra Hill already.

VERDICT: NOT THE VENUE FOR US. Yes I wanted it, but my fiance did not. I was just describing him the place and I was shut off instantaneously when I started talking about the road. He did not even had to see the pictures.

On to the next venue.