Food Tasting: M Catering

No time to blog, that is why crunching in some blog posts while on break. Will post this on Easter Sunday. Hihi.

Food Tasting happened, I think, one week after the Wedding Summit we attended. My family was not available and alas my future-brothers-in-law are available. Nice. I got a flyer from M Catering in the bride fair, which was fine because they offered free food tasting on a different date for you to focus on their food.


Very very bright idea. You just had to send an RSVP to their invite. Usually they allow only two people for free, but they accommodated our group of 3 well.


The food tasting was held at Blue Leaf at Pasay City. The place was very inviting. The place had a modern filipino feel that helps you feel warm and gooey inside. Hahaha! Sarap magpakasal na feeling. Or sarap magdebut! Hahahaha!

When we arrived at the function room that M Catering booked for the food tasting, it was already overflowing with people. We had to wait for at least 15 minutes for them to set up a table for my party of three. When we were seated, they placed a table set up beside the buffet table. PAK! (accommodating – 10, closeness to buffet table -10) My contact person for the food tasting was Faith. She gave me, AD and Marlon, 3 sheets of paper for information, menu and comments for the food that they are going to serve us. She was very accommodating even though she looked like she handled lots of people before us already. Here goes the attack on the food buffet.


Salad – Mixed Fruits and Greens with Peach Dressing – SUPER PATOK!!!! Their salad had the normal Romanian lettuce, grapes and peaches but what makes the difference was their fruity dressing. I felt like I could eat the salad for the whole night. Hahahaha!!! It was that good.

They had the paella rice, this is actually available for additional price per package. The paella was also good but what bothered me was the overcooked rice. I was not able to enjoy the rice because it was too dry already.


Buttered Vegetables – Nothing spectacular about it. Nothing bad about it either. Ample butter and saltiness for the veggies.

Since this food tasting took some number of months ago, I do not remember whether this is the breaded fish in pepper and mango salsa or the fish fillet in sweet and sour sauce. Hahahaha!! Sorry. Almost a year pala before I could blog about my adventures. Hahahaha!



This is the chicken. Also I could not remember whether it was the Rosemary Garlic Chicken or the Roast Basil Chicken. As I remembered the chicken was good. Not dry. There are those chicken meat na if you eat, even if they are with sauce, they feel dry because of over cooking, this was done just right.



For the carving station, they provided us their options: Roast beef or Belly Lechon or Lechon Kawali. I got all but I am not really a fan of any fatty food, hahaha! Plastic! I only eat the crispy skin and the beef. Their sauces were a bit weird. One was with liver, one was with too much lemongrass flavor and the normal one was the mushroom gravy. 20150624_184240

See our plates??? Did we prepare well for the food tasting? Um-hmmm. We did not eat before going there. Hahahaha! So we can load up on the free food. 20150624_184313

The appetizers were served in plates already, we had the Melba toast with the smoked fish pate ( not a fan ) and the pork something in crispy wanton ( solb-solb).20150624_191516

Of course, last but not the least was the dessert table. Nyahahaha! My favorite table. They had the chocolate mousse, cake caramel bars and mango tapioca. All were tasty but not my favorites. Hahahaha! Don’t get me wrong. I love desserts but certain desserts lang. 20150624_191516

Photo of us while enjoying our free meal. Hahahaha!!


After enjoying our meal, Fate came back to us and showed us M Catering’s style pegs and setups. She then questioned me of our budget so she could fit food options for our budget and guest quantity. She was very attentive to my needs and questions and response to queries very fast.


TIP: If you want to have a nice time, with free food and drinks, do attend food tastings. The fare to the place is worth it if you don’t have like the food, no worries they are for free. You get to leave comments also for them to improve their craft. You just need to think of events that you need to make up for excuses why you are in that food tasting. Hahahaha!


OVERALL: Much better food tasting experience than that of Hizon’s. Food was overall much better that that of the quality of from what I had tasted before. AE was very attentive as well and pleasant to talk to. Set Up of the place was a little crowded given that they only booked one function room and their event was flooded with people.


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