For the nth time, I’m back! Nyahahaha!!! After the hiatus comes the mayhem. mememe! I am currently juggling, my day-to-day work, wedding preparations and some sideline monkey business to add to my wedding budget. Hihi. I can do thissss!

I was recently engaged to my boyfriend last April. Kilig! That I will discuss in a separate post. (pampabitin) We already started looking for the Church and wedding venue as early as June. Look at what we found for the first visit we did at Tagaytay / Silang, Cavite Area:

A. Two Gardens Tagaytay – Barangay Maitim 2nd West,  Tagaytay City, Philippines

  1. Area for the Caterers – for the preparations / photo: right side of the layout
  2. Bridge over the pond – very nice but difficult to walk in. Also mosquitoes lurk in this area / photo: lower part, ung medyo black
  3. Main House – we were not able to see the inside since they have guests for the weekend that rented the house / photo:lower left of the layout
  4. Pine Garden – venue that can fit 200 – 250 guests / photo: upper left of the layout
  5. Wishing well – very nice for pictorial if peg mo maging snow white / no photo
  6. Palm Garden – venue that can fit 150 guests which is my requirement sana, but it did not appeal to me. Mas bet ko ung Pine garden.
  7. Washrooms – for the guests / photo: lower part of the layout
  8. Back of the whole compound – probably an eye sore if you decide to have your venue at the Palms Garden
  9. Garden – where you can have your prenup shots done / no photo
  10. Gate 02 – because we used Gate 01 to enter the compound, nakalagay sa signage more parking daw e.

x – not part of the rental fee but can be rented as well, it is owned by a different person ata, I’m not sure / photo: upper left of the layout

Cost of the Package: Php 70,000.00 ; I am not sure anymore of the inclusions since I did not take notes anymore.


  • Good for couples who loves the outdoors. Hahaha! One side lang ang boto sa outdoors.
  • Very nice for the photos if your party will be during the afternoon, kitang kita ung garden pati ung house
  • Nice house for family and relatives to stay at and bond before the event


  • No swimming pool, saya sana kung meron.
  • No ample space for parking of guests, dapat limited numbers lang ang cars or else magpapatulong kayo sa barangay tanod for traffic
  • Mosquitoes around the pond may cause panic. Medyo madami kasi, lalo na kapag gabi ang event nyo, pak! Lamok todo!
  • No Air-conditioning for the garden, unless magpaenclose ka ng tent na may aircon. Hahaha!
  • Kapag umulan, pak hulas ang party.

Two Gardens20150607_144505 20150607_144436

TIN’S GRADE: 7 out of 10. I love it but ung concerns ni Dino ung nakapagpabago ng isip ko. Hahaha! Di ko na lalagay grade ni Dino baka wala na magbasa ng blog ko. Hahahaha! Charot!

VERDICT: Very nice venue for di pawisin na party and a few guests lang. I can get this place if I’ll celebrate my birthday with family and relatives lang. Not with friends and isang batalyon. Wohoo! NOT THE VENUE FOR US.

B. Moon Garden, Tagaytay – Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Philippines

Sorry but I do not have photos of the place, but it was really one of my favorites. Please try to check their facebook page (the link is on the name) to see how the place looks like. I was only able to talk to them thru facebook messenger.

Cost of the Package: Php 42,000.00 ; I inquired last August 2014. That time they told me that they can accommodate 150 guests but when I checked recently they reduced it to just 100 guests, probably because of the width of the walkways, ang tightness in space. Do not get me wrong, the place is ideal for at least a party with 50 to 7o guests only, so that guests can still roam around and enjoy the place without feeling cramped up in an area.


  • They have huts for rent for overnight guests that looks nice from the outside, was not able to check the inside since all huts were fully booked.
  • Includes tables and chairs in their package cost. They use wooden tables and chairs that will look nice with a vintage and filipino themed wedding.
  • Ample parking spaces for probably 10-15 cars from my perspective.


  • Too many steps up. Since they have a pond in the middle of the compound, they had to raise the place that resulted in steps coming from the parking area. Not ideal for a party with grandmas and grandpas.
  • Insects around the pond. – concern ni Dino hahahaha! wala nanaman ako pakialam sa insekto.
  • Not enough space as to where to place a stage I guess. No area for games, for dancing and such activities.

TIN’S GRADE: 6 out of 10. Good choice for a secluded getaway with the significant other.

VERDICT: NOT THE VENUE FOR US. Maganda ung place for relaxation from a super busy week at the city.


Ayan muna ang update ko sa wedding preparations namin ni Dino. Hahahaha! Stay tuned. Sa susunod may bayad na to. Mwah!