Teeth-ing Again

It has been a week now since I had my braces installed, tada, it still hurts. Hahahaha! Last month I had the rubbers placed in between my hind teeth. I do not know what they are called. Sorry. See the blue ones in between my teeth, those are the rubbers. They are inserted “daw” to provide space so that when my “pangil”, who is protruding outwards, when pulled in will have space to fit in. Rubbers pa lang, I was already having difficulties in biting and eating.


After 2 weeks, I came back to the dentist and my braces were installed. It took them an hour and half to install the braces. Hehe. My mouth was sore from being open for that long. Immediately the dentist told me what to do and not to. I was asked to sign a form that I had to take care of my teeth and the braces will only be effective if I regularly visit my dentist on the prescribed schedule and do what I have been told to do. I was given a leaflet to read regarding my orthodontic treatment. They also handed me a maintenance kit that contains a travel toothbrush, a mini brush (for brushing tiny gaps between the brackets), a hand mirror, dental floss and dental floss threader. I knew that moment that I need to brush my teeth every night. HAHAHAHA!! I really hate brushing my teeth, much worse, I had to do it 3 times a day. Grrrrr..02

Along with brushing my teeth regularly, I needed to rinse my mouth with mouthwash at least twice a day, floss my teeth every night before I sleep and put wax on my teeth where the braces hit my lips to prevent mouth sores. Hihi.