Jane The Virgin

Nakakaloka tong palabas na to. Nakakaaliw!!!! Very hilarious!!!!


PLOT: Jane is a normal girl who does what her grandma told her to do. Never to loose her virginity because she will never ever get it back. Hahahaha! True, totoo, di na mababalik un. But then due to misfortune and unforeseen events, pak, Jane got pregnant because she was mistakenly artificially inseminated by a doctor who was having problems the day she was scheduled to get a pap smear. Then the plot somehow thickens, lightly lang naman. Hahaha! With the involvement of the different characters in the series. Mababaw lang naman siya sa ngayon so nagegets ko pa. Hahahaha!


Jane The Virgin Cast

Gina Rodriguez – as Jane the Virgin. The good girl gone loka dahil najuntis ng wala sa oras.

Andrea Novedo – as Xiomara, Jane’s mother. She had Jane at a very young age, that is why grandma wanted Jane to keep her virginity until she gets married.

Ivonne Coll – as Jane’s grandma, Xiomara’s mother. Grandma is the one responsible why Jane is still a virgin.


Jaime Camil – as Rogelio de la Vega, Jane’s father. She does not know it yet because her mother told her that her father was a soldier, but later Jane learns of the truth.

Justin Baldoni – aaaahhh Justin Baldoni, super gwapo. Hahaha! as Rafael Solano. Naks! Solano, medyo bida ung tunog. A guy Jane knew and kissed before. He also turns out to be the father of the baby that Jane is carrying. Kay swerte!

Yael Grobglas – as Petra Solano, is Rafael’s wife. A scheming woman who just wants to get Rafael’s money and hotel. Sinasabi ko na e, maganda talaga ang pangalang Petra sa Solano. Hihi.

Brett Dier – as Michael Cordero, Jane’s boyfriend for two years, they got engaged but cancelled because of lying to Jane and because Jane had feelings for Rafael. Hahaha! Malanding bata.


 Please do watch this. Super Enjoy!