Happy 2015

Happy New Year!

This 2015 mukhang maraming magandang mangyayari, but we will see. Nyahaha!

Ano nga bang dapat abangan ngayong January? Kung wala kang pinagkakaabalahan, edi manuod ka na lang ng movies. Movies to watch this January for me.

1. NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 3: SECRET OF THE TOMB – I am not a fan of the movie talaga, but since I think this the film that Robin Williams was able to do before he died. He was not able to finish the movie because of what had happened. I am intrigued on how they go about the death of the actor in relation to the plot of the movie.



2. SEVENTH SON – I really don’t know the plot but Dino wants to watch this so tara. Hahahaha! Batang kaladkarin. Nyehehe. Anything na supernatural na may magandang paandar sa trailer e bet na kaagad panuorin nun. Hahahaha! Chos!


Seventh Son

3. INTO THE WOODS –  If Dino wants supernatural-Greek-Roman themed-testosterone filled movies, siyempre I am the opposite. Hahahaha! I want the Disney-musical-Chris Pine-Anna Kendrick-kind of movies. Pa-girl din pa minsan-minsan.


Into the Woods4. TAKEN 3 – The conclusion na ba to? I am not sure but we want to watch kasi ang lupppeeet e. Hahaha! Liam Neeson, iba talaga ung dating. Hahaha! Medyo old pero ma-action pa rin, kaya kaya un ng lolo ko?


Taken 3


“U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper) takes his sole mission — protect his comrades — to heart and becomes one of the most lethal snipers in American history. His pinpoint accuracy not only saves countless lives but also makes him a prime target of insurgents. Despite grave danger and his struggle to be a good husband and father to his family back in the States, Kyle serves four tours of duty in Iraq. However, when he finally returns home, he finds that he cannot leave the war behind.” – from Google search engine

– I just watched the trailer and I think it is scary to be in the position he is in, a sniper. To decide whether to kill someone or not, based on his own perception as an individual, in the situation they are in. Pak! dumugo ilong ko. Hahaha! I am curious.


American Sniper

O ayan para sa mga walang magawa ngayong January. Watch nalang ng movie sa favorite ninyong sinehan.

Happy New Year ulit!