The Kanto Style: Kanto Freestyle Breakfast

We went to Kapitolyo, mga ten years ago, chos! hahaha! Me and my friends went there to try the umuusong Kanto Freestyle Breakfast. In fairness, may pila nga. To think na di na siya dinner time talaga. It was around 8pm or 9pm I guess. We were no 2 on the waiting list so peteks muna. The area where Kanto Freestyle is a mixture of residential and commercial area. The place itself looked like a large compound for a family that they turned into a small business which grew into something big. We also pushed to go here because I want to put up something similar to this. Kanto Freestyle meets Sinangag Express meets Starbucks meets Fun Ranch. HAHAHAHA!!!! All-in-one! One-stop-shop. That is in the near or far future sana. So ayan ang findings ko. Doctor lang?

Aura-Aura ng place


As you can see in the photo, the area where they placed the dining area would have been the 2-car garage of the compound. This branch seems to be able to sit around 50-60pax at a time.


On the left side you can see their logo. Plus that house where the logo is, that is their kitchen.

Their Menu

Their Menu

We were really excited to try the food. Ang ending we ordered a lot of food that we did finish naman pero talagang ang bigat sa tiyan.

Food 01

In the Photo:

Kanto Boy Breakfast: Pampanga Tocino 

Verdict: Not the Pampanga tocino I was expecting. I was really waiting for the Pampanga’s Best tasting tocino which is sweet and meaty, I ended up having something close tho. It was tocino alright but not that sweet. Maybe they had the tocino sourced out from another maker also based in Pampanga. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed my meal.

Kanto Boy Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs

Verdict: I should have ordered for this instead. Hahahaha! The bacon was cooked the way I like my bacon, dry and crispy. Ang saya!!! Kaya lang I think they only included 3 strips of bacon which was very bitin for me. Four strips would have done it.

Kanto Boy Breakfast: Spam and Eggs

Verdict: This should be enjoyed at home na lang. That is for my suggestion. They only included 2 slices of spam. If you go to the supermarket you can purchase a can of spam for Php100.00 and it can give you at least 10 slices of Spam. The two slices doesn’t give the price any justice.
Food 02

In the Photo:

Pancakes/Sandwiches/Atbp: French Toast with Bacon and Eggs

Verdict: I also ordered for this one. Di talaga ako masiba kumain but I really wanted to taste their version of the french toast. I cannot seem to perfect making one. Hahaha! Their version was just exact for me. The flavor of the milk and the butter was not overpowering the bread. Saktong nagji-jive lang. Same bacon as above mentioned, sarap!

Kanto Boy Breakfast: Di ko alam ano tawag dito. Hahaha! baka lechon kawali?

Verdict: The lechon kawali was cooked perfectly. Sakto lang ung dami ng ulam and the gravy was I think Mang Tomas. But there was nothing special for me I guess. Buti na lang di ito ung in-order ko. Hahaha!

Soda/Juice/Atbp: Scramble

Verdict: Hinahanap-hanap ko ung lasa ng scramble na nilalako sa kalsada, kaso di ko nakita. Their scramble was too sweet, pero patok pa rin ung mga toppings sa taas.

Pancakes/Sandwiches/Atbp: Eggs Benedict

Verdict: I have nothing to compare to but CBTL’s Eggs Benedict. Sosyal! Joke! Libre ko lang nakukuha un dati because of a friend. Di ko na masyado nalasahan, kasi dami ko na ibang nakain. Hahahaha! Yan lumalabas na ang pagka-pg ko. Hahahaha! But I did not enjoy the ham tho. The hollandaise was normal lang.

Kanto Boy Breakfast: New Zealand Beef Tapa

Verdict: According to my friend, masarap daw. Ako naman nung tinikman ko, sakto lang. Di naman kasi talaga ako fan ng tapa. I really have a hard time eating tapa because I find it hard to chew. Sakit sa panga kaya.


Final Verdict: We enjoyed the experience of going to Kapitolyo from Las Piñas. Tripping with friends and doing something new to sa amin, or sa akin lang ata. I want to go back to taste naman the pancakes. We enjoyed the food kaya pwedeng bumalik. Bukas sama ka?