Happy Halloween: Mystique

Last week we just had a Halloween Party at work and I decided I want to do Mystique from X-Men. Hahaha! Hirap lang. Sakit sa ulo at pwet.

What do you need:

This is what you will need.

This is what you will need.

 1. Body Suit – I just got my body suit from my sister. She used this from our last trip to Bali for a performance. Hahaha! The things we do. If you will buy this, I think you will spend at least Php500.00 in Divisoria. I am not sure though. Please correct me if I am wrong.

2. A big bottle of lotion – you will need plenty of this because this is going to be the base of what I applied for in my body suit and body. I just recycled my stash of lotion.

3. Poster paints – I chose the blue sakura tube because of the size, it turns out I was going to need to smaller Reeves poster paint because it is the closest to what Mystique’s color was.

4. Brushes – for applying the mixture. Expenses for the paint and brushes cost Php500.00

5. Mixing container

What We did:

1. We mixed the lotion and the poster paint in the container. It was only my officemate and my sister who suggested to use the mixture for ease in application and removal.

2. Applied the desired mixture of poster paint and lotion to the body suit by using the brush. You can also use your hand if you want to.

0023. I just sat on that chair for half a day so that they could paint me all over. I decided to wear the body suit while they paint on it so that the suit will stretch and cover my body rather that have it painted while not wearing the body suit which will turn out, needs more painting because we were not able to cover all parts because it was not fully stretched out. I hope you get what I was trying to say.

4. While my youngest sister and mother did my body suit. My other sister and her boyfriend did my hair. Total overhaul. I asked permission from my boyfriend first because he is very picky of how I look like, but nevertheless he can do nothing if I want something. Hahaha! Still I asked permission. I told him it will just be for a week, but until now my hair is red. Hehe. You can actually just use a temporary hair color but I chose the harder one. My sister first bleached my hair so that the color red will really pop out. If you directly dyed your hair from black to red, the red will not come out as bright if you bleach your hair first.


Bimby helping me with my paint job. Hahaha! O ayan ha may exposure ka. Joke! 😀

5. After bleaching the hair, she then applied the red color. All I had to do was let everything set so that my body suit can dry up and my hair could absorb the red dye.

6. The next day, I bought a liquid latex for the face.It was a darker color than the one I painted my suit with. I also bought a textured paper to use as scales for my costume. It really turned out really nice but my paper did not stick well to my costume. I guess my costume was not really thoroughly dry because it was painted with lotion.

7. The day of the party, I wore my body suit and continued painting my hands and feet with the mixture then used the liquid latex on my face. Hahaha!

 All of our efforts were paid off because I did won. Hahahaha! The prize would have breaked even with my expenses if I did not color my hair red. Hahaha! Anyway, I did enjoy the experiment.

Do you want to try? Share your costume with me.

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