Odaiba, Shinjuku, and Harajuku

My last day of going around and seeing Japan. Tsuki!0001 The day before, we decided that we will visit and see the Gundam. Hahaha!!! This is way to much biyahe for the whole day. Hahaha! 0002We rode the train to Odaiba  and we did cross the rainbow bridge, whooo!!! So nice actually. Sana may ganito rin si Pilipinas.

When we arrived at Odaiba, we went down on the wrong train stop kasi di memorize ng tour guide ko saan kami bababa. Hahaha!Odaiba Google Map1I made a map using google map and my baby photoshop skills. HAHAHA! The blue colored line is the train ride that we took.  We went down  on the first station which is Odaibakaihinkoen Sta. Mali pala, you can go down on the second (Daiba Sta.) or third station (Funenokagakukan Sta.) pala which is much convenient. Better if the third station sa tingin ko then go first to Diver City (that is where the gundam is) tapos merong mahabang pedestrian walkway from Diver city to Lady Liberty, then to go home just ride the train from the second station, Daiba Sta.

At dahil mali kami ng binabaan, and of course it was already lunch time kasi as usual best in late kami, we decided to have lunch muna at Saizeriya. Isa pa sa mga paboritong kainan ni Dino to. Hahaha! He had the burger patty meal and I just ate  corn soup. Di nakikicooperate ng stomach ko that day but nevertheless, gala pa rin. Hahaha!0003Ayan ung menu ng Saizeriya, di siya actually Japanese but more Italian, I think. 0004 As you can see on the photo above this is a nice bridge that you can walk thru if you will follow the  train ride that we took. As in, tirik ung araw tapos wala gaanong shade! My goodness! Jinit Jacskon!

The Fuji TV Building, one of Japan’s private broadcasting companies. Chos! Pwede ka pumasok sa loob, if you check out Japan-Guide, pweds. We just did not have the time to enter at medyo bagotelya na ang lolo mo sa jinit at pagod maglakad.

20140623_123225 Di talaga ako excited na makita to! Eto siguro favorite ko sa lahat ng napuntahan ko. Hahahaha! The train ride and the experience of seeing a gundam on the right scale is WOW! Hahaha! Wala akong nasabi.20140623_1234420005We just can’t get enough  of it. Bongga e.  Ang ganda lang niya. Sana pwede ako sumakay sa Gundam na to. Hahaha!0006 We went up the Diver City  Mall because there was a Gundam sort of museum like where you can see the different Gundam Models ever built. There were different models as well, Real Grade, Master Grade, No Grade lahat sana meron ako. Hahahaha!0007 After  enjoying the view at Odaiba, we then traveled to the West and went to Shinjuku. Sa Shinjuku meron din namang parks, shops and entertainment but our main destination was just the Tokyo Government Building. I just wanted to see Mount Fuji from afar but alas, I was not able to see it. It was too cloudy and I was not able to see the big triangle.   0008 This is what I was supposed to see when I look out the window.20140623_151503I did not see Mount Fuji!!!! Hahahaha! This gives me  a reason to go back to Japan. Hihi. 20140623_151552After seeing the neighboring districts of Shinjuku, we rode the train again and went to our next destination, Harajuku. 0009At Harajuku, we were greeted by this lively strip of stores selling anything and everything that usual Japanese teens would wear. I tell you, this is Divisoria in a much better view. If only Divisoria was more organized and somehow still look disorganized,  it would be a much better place to shop than this road. Takeshita Street is usually famous during weekends, specially during Sunday because teens usually dress up and do cosplay. They have the  normal shops, daiso, arts shop, dessert bars and crepe stands along the road. 0010When you reach the end of Takeshita Street, you will then be greeted by the giant shopping  buildings along the main roads of Harajuku. We were not able to tour further anymore because my lolo was already tired from walking all day long. He was already beginning to  walk quietly and started having that bothered, tired look on his face. So we turned around and head back home already. 0011Before going back to the hotel and before I pack my bags, Dino decided to bring me to where they usually eat their ramen. This one is in Yokohama already. Sorry, but I will post where the exact location of this store when I find it on google map. I saw their facebook page still I cannot find them on google map.

Their ramen was very nice! It was not the normal miso soup based ramen that I usually get to taste here in the Philippines. After which uwi-uwi na rin at magreready na ako to go home.

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