Travelog: Pagudpud Day 03

Our last day on this Northern journey started very early, if your itinerary does not start early, best in lugi ka sa biyahe. hahahaha!!! Also we started early talaga kasi ung isa may hinahabol. Hahaha! Chos! My papa has a golf tournament the next day and he had to travel the next day to Laguna naman for the tournament. He wanted us to have an early start so we can be at Las Piñas by 12mn.


20140525_064233A shot of our resort and breakfast area. Taray dine out ang peg.  20140525_064752

Breakfast in the middle of the resort. 20140525_064807

First stop of the day was : Bangui Windmills



When you are heading home from Pagudpud, the way to the windmills is on the right side of the road. You will pass by a small group of houses and there will be signs to the windmills. However, when we were there, there was road work being done on the path we were supposed to take, so we had to take an alternate route, had to rely on mareng google map. Hehe. After the small town, you will be travelling on a sandy road. Kung may makita na kayo sa left side na houses made of nipa, turn left na, there you will see a parking area and start taking loads of pictures na.

Bangui Windmills: FREE!!!!! Isn’t it A-M-A-Z-I-N-G-!-!-!-!-!-!

Initially there were only 20 windmills, but now, I do not know already. Hahaha! While we were on the way to our next destination, I was still able to see windmills towering us and some are still being built. Crazyy! Bakit sa Pagudpud lang may windmill?003

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation – next destination, but unfortunately di na namin napuntahan ng bongga kasi alam na. High bloodation na ang isa sa amin that time, so we had to reconsider. HAHAHAHA! For this pala we had to pay Php20.00 again per person. Also this is on the right side of the road if you are headed home.

Cape Bojeador Lighthouse a.k.a. Burgos Lighthouse. It was declared as a National Historical Landmark on August 13, 2004 and a National Cultural Treasure on June 20, 2005 by the Philippine Government. (got that information from pareng Wikipedia) Currently, the lighthouse mismo is being renovated, it could be caused by the old age of the structure na. Maybe if you visit after 3mos keriboom boom na umakyat dito. I will try to look for my photos from college of this lighthouse.  Free again ang pag-visit ditey. Lezzgoo!


Pasuquin Bakery – we were not able to drop by this bakery na because as you know “ehem” paulit-ulit nalang ako. Hahaha! Anyway it is said that they sell the best biscocho in town. This I have to taste when I come back again, after 5 years??? Chos!

Sinking Bell Tower – the Sinking Bell Tower is located at the center of the Laoag townproper. We did not go down to roam around the tower anymore, I just pointed it out to my cousins with me in the car.20140525_101719

You will also see near the vicinity of the Sinking Bell Tower is the renovated Ilocanos Heroes Memorial Hall which is now being used as a SM Hypermarket. If I am not mistaken I was able to see the concept of this mall in one of the meetings I had with SM. I just can’t remember which architectural firm handled the project.  20140525_101737

Malacañang of the North – We were also not able to visit this fabulous House in the North. But I can post photos of this place when I find my old photos stocked somewhere in my room. Hahaha!

Paoay Church – Actually , I was wrong. We were supposed to go to Sand Dunes before  but since I am not familiar with the area, we ended up going here first and tried to go back further for the sand dunes. 10252105_10202219598392416_2391757329550892235_n


My classmates and I did a shot similar to this when we visited this place. Hahaha! Forgive my reminiscing. I just can’t fathom (taray fathom, nosebleed!!!) that I am  getting older and better. I wish. Teeheeimage-33286119ed787ba10148fbae208a72ddbc455c55ba4498b57cb2723437436c24-V


image-55a199af00c603834caa1ead196f1424ebdfe14c1731eeaf9a9d94007effef92-VWhen I last visited the place, the Church was undergoing renovation. But this time I was able to see the interior of the church. I just can’t seem to find the photo. They replaced the existing roof, I don’t know what from to steel trusses and corrugated G.I. sheets.


Wala lang. Ganda lang nito. hahahaha!

Sand Dunes at Culili Point  007

This was the most awaited adventure for that day. Adrenaline junkies unite! Hahahaha!! We arrived at Culili around 12nn so it was really dang hot. We were perspiring like pigs in the broad daylight yet we enjoyed this adventure.


There were three choices to choose from, if I remembered it correctly,  for the beginners, normal and for the extreme. Isn’t it obvious that we picked the extreme? Hahaha! We were standing up at the back of a 4×4 while it was going rapidly up and down mounds of sand. Because of the different topography and the driving skills of our drivers, we were able to enjoy every turn, movement up and down the hills. They even stopped at certain points to take photos of us and made sure everyone was alright.


After say 45minutes of riding the sands, we stopped by at the middle thinking that we were there to just rest, alas! We are to have our sand boarding experience pala. The sand was so init to the max. Pero mapipigilan ba naman kami ng init ng panahon? Of course not! After an hour or so of sand boarding we continued conquering the sand dunes.

We paid Php2500.00 for a 4×4 ride that can carry a maximum of 5 people, but if you talk to them nicely, they can accommodate 6 as their final offer. We handed our drivers our tip for the well executed adventure that we will truly remember.

After the adventure at Paoay, we continued to travel and look for a fast food chain to grab a late lunch. The nearest was Jollibee at Vigan, but prior to Vigan my papa saw his favorite, Mang Inasal. The car my papa was driving did not push for Vigan anymore, but we did. Hahahaha! Sorry patricia and jennifer. Hehe. Kulit si ate e.

20140525_152659 20140525_153938





After that final stop, we were able to meet with the guys from the first car at Chowking at Pangasinan, I think. After which they left us already and they arrived Las Piñas at around 12mn. We on the other hand, got lost while we were at the SCTEX, instead of going at the NLEX exit, we went out at Bataan exit. Hahaha! We travelled for 2 hours from Bataan exit to San Fernando Exit while the guys at the back were sleeping. Hahahaha! We arrived home a little past 1am I think.

So, so, this concludes out travel to the ever so near Pagudpud. If ever you want to do the same, please feel free to browse thru my posts and see what you can do a little different to be able to visit more places.

Leave me a comment regarding your very own adventure.

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