Travelog: Pagudpud Day 02

We got up and started the day around 7am I think. We left early for a walk and looked at Saud beach just a few tumblings away from our resort.


The beach was nice and peaceful. No strong waves kaso nga lang kung saan kami nagpunta na part, dun dumadaong ung mga bangka, so medyo ma-seaweed. 20140524_064850

But further away from our spot, the beach was so much better. 20140524_064818


After an early walk, we had breakfast that we bought back in Manila and gave to the staff to prepare. I gave them 3 cans of Purefoods Corned beef tsaka ung tira tira namin na chicken kagabi. We also ordered for additional scrambled eggs plus rice. Foodie

After having a hearty breakfast, we got ready and drove off to proceed with our itinerary for that day. We drove along 4 more mountains I think before we reached our destination.


We traveled for I think 10-15 minutes to reach our first destination, Maira-Ira Beach, a.k.a Blue Lagoon. If I remember it right, we paid Php20.00 per person so we could enter and proceed to the beach.


Hindi naman kami masyado masaya sa ginawa namin pagbabababad sa Blue Lagoon noh? We stayed here until lunch. We just swam and swam and swam the whole morning. Never ending happiness. We also decided that we wanted to try the banana boat. Of course, we did banana boat before, kaso mas masaya kapag sama sama ang magpipinsan. Hehe.

Banana Boat – Php1800.00 for 5 pax

Beach Hut – Php200.00 each, we rented for two.

Parking – Php150.00 each car, we parked two cars. We parked at Hannah’s Parking area. if you decide to park your car upon entering the Maira-ira Beach, it will only cost you Php50.00 but the beach is a bit rocky on that part.

We had lunch after we did the banana boat. Ummmm-mmmmm sarap ata.  We had 15 rice I think,  buttered shrimp, sweet and sour lapu-lapu, igado (tama kaya to?) and lobsters for everyone  from Justin Biebs. Chos! Thanks Justin sa lobsters. Sa uulitin ulit. Hahahaha!00002

Lunch was Php 1950.00 + lobster cost hahaha! 😀

Right after we had lunch we then left the beach to continue our tour for that day. The Php20.00 payment also entitled us to visit Bantay Abot Cave and Timmantang Rock which are both near the Blue Lagoon lang.  Actually, una ung Timmantang Rock Formation, after the Bantay Abot Rock, then the beach. We are just excited with the beach that is why we did it first.


Bantay Abot Cave is not actually a cave, but just a rock with a giant HOLE. Lovely. Very lovely for a nice photo shoot pero sa super patok ng mga tourist attractions dito sa north, kay daming tao ata. Hahaha! Nevertheless, we did our photoshoots kahit na sandamakmak ang katauhan. Hihi.


We did not bother to stopover at Timmantang Rock Formation anymore kasi the usual excuse would be bato lang yan. Nothing special, everyone was excited for the Kabigan Falls kasi. Hahaha! I just took a photo while we were at Bantay Abot Rock pa.


After our stop at Bantay Abot Rock, we proceeded north to Cagayan to see the famous Patapat Viaduct. In fairness, maganda nga siya, super eeneeet nga lang. hahaha! Also there were many vehicles stopping to take their respective photos of the said bridge.


Sayang, baba sana ako para sa shot na “Babae sa Breakwaters” Hahahaha!!! The water was so clear that you can see the giant boulders at the bottom of the seashore. 20140524_144143

This is a selfie with my  ridemates. hahaha! Me, my cousin Matthew a.k.a Shodet, my aunt Tita Battie, my other cousin Hebron a.k.a. Nong, my little brother Patrick and another cousin of mine Harold a.k.a. Alot. We just live across each other that is why they were able to come with us. Also Harold and Tita Battie were the ones driving our car alternately, while we sing to David Guetta’s I just wanna at the back.   C360_2014-05-24-20-15-36-897

After crossing the Patapat Viaduct, you will see just a few meters away is the Aqua River Water Park. As per my readings and research done on google, hahaha, the Park daw is where fresh water meets with the sea water.


This is the bridge right after the Patapat Viaduct so there is no chance that you will miss it. If ever you miss it tho, you can turn around naman. Diba? Behind them posing is the waterfalls below. Mukhang masarap maligo diba? Fresh na fresh lang ang water.20140524_143309

On the other side of the bridge naman is the part where you will see  where the two types of water meets. If you can see in my photo below, they have done a pool on the edge for people to enjoy the vista. I know the  park charges a minimum amount for you to be able to enjoy the area. I am not sure of the cost lang. 20140524_143256Sapat na kami sa pa-picture picture lang sa bridge e. Hahaha! We were on a tight budget so tiis tiis muna. Also if we were to go to the park and swim, we have to dry ourselves again before we can ride the car and proceed to our next destination. Hihi. Can you see in my photo, mahadera lang ako? Just wearing my swimsuit while walking around the area. Hihi. Sorry.


Last photo opt before heading back to the next stop, Kabigan Waterfalls. 20140524_143540

Last stop of the day was Kabigan Waterfalls. My papa was a bit concerned because there was trekking involved. He was thinking that it make take us a longer period of time to reach the falls that is why we did not bother going to the Aqua River Water Park na. We paid Php20.00 as entrance fee per person. Also they require you to have tour guides pero I guess you don’t need naman keri, naman kung sa keri but it also serves as a source of income for the locals there.

Entrance Fee – Php20.00 per person

Tour Guide – Php120.00 per 6-10pax since 12 kami, we had 2 tour guides.

Mineral Water – Php20.00


You have to walk for 30-45minutes to be able to reach the falls. Wag kayong mag-alala kasi maganda naman ang views ng dadaanan ninyo. First you will be able to pass by a big river, free lumublob kapag naiinitan ka na. There are vendors along the trail who sells fresh buko juice, tupig and karyoka. I hope my spelling are alright.


Ayan na po ang waterfalls after a few stopovers and river crossings. River talaga?!?! Just streams. Hahaha! The water from the falls was freezing. Super cold. Every time I walk further towards the deeper part of the water, I kept on shouting. Grabeeee ang lamig but it was a nice experience as well. First time that I was able to swim in a waterfall was at Batad when I was back in college. The water was deep at Batad but at Kabigan, the water level was just fine for me, ideal for swimming. The deep part was just below the falls maybe because of the pressure caused by the water drop.   00005

Of course, unli photo nanaman with the waterfall as the background. 00006

On our way back, we can do nothing but enjoy the much easier walk back to the starting point. We were able to enjoy the river banks and take dips to cool ourselves off. We also stopped over for merienda on our way back. Look at how they cool their buko! This just shows how cold the water really is.  0008After the trip we headed back to our resort to freshen up. Since I did the itinerary, we were supposed to eat at a restaurant famous in the internet searches I made. Hahaha! We did ate at Bergblick Restaurant.

Bergblick is a restaurant owned by a German chef and his Filipina wife. They are famous for serving German food and traditional Ilocano food.

00009Isn’t it obvious that we were really hungry? Hahahaha! We had the following food on the menu, from left to right

1 menu, of course we did not eat that

2 Chopsuey – mixed vegetables cooked with chicken  Php 170.00

3 Roasted Potatoes – Php 60.00

4 I am not sure if this is fish or chicken tho.  Hahaha!

5 Fresh Fish Platter – Php 390.00

6 BergBlick – Pan / BergBlick – Pfanderl – with bread crumbed pork chop, pork roast, sausage, cabbage roll, pan-fried potatoes and mixed salad Php 460.00

7 Bagnet – Php 285.00

8  I am not sure if this is pork belly Php 265.00

9 Creme Brulleé with fresh fruits – Php 150.00

After dinner we head back to our resort to call it a day, finally.

To be continued…