Playa Laiya, Batangas

Every year, the company that my papa is working for, usually have their annual company outing that includes their employees families. How fun diba? Free family outing c/o the office. Saya lang.  For last year, the outing was held at Pico De Loro at Hamilo Coast and the year before at Punta Fuego, if I remember it correctly. This year’s outing was held at Playa Laiya, San Juan, Batangas.

IMG_3870001Playa Laiya is developed by Landco Pacific Corporation, a developer known for their high-end leisure communities in areas in the Philippines wherein they seem appropriate. Examples of such communities by Landco are as follows: Playa Calatagan at Calatagan, Batangas, Playa Azalea at Samal, Davao del Norte, Ponderosa Leisure Farm at Silang, Cavite, Hacienda Escudero at Tiaong, Quezon and the ever famous Punta Fuego at Nasugbu, Batangas. Too plenty of developments right?! That just proves how many beautiful places to be discovered and developed in the country.

So lets push this! Hahaha! The outing was I think held at the Clubhouse of the whole development of Landco. They had pools for people who wants to enjoy fresh water or you can further proceed down the property if you want to enjoy the sand and the beach. 002We arrived around 10am because we left Las Pinas around 7am, we should have left at 5am so we could have arrived earlier and had a good morning swim ahead of others. Hehe. Anyway, morning snacks were served when we arrived so we immediately ate, after that we immediately grabbed a hut to place our stuff in.


After getting settled in, we decided to take dips in the beach and in the pool because of the scourging heat from the sun. Dang. I should have brought more sunblock lotion. It usually takes a year for my normal color to come back, and yet after a year it is summer time again. Hahaha! The cycle of skin tone.

003The office did prepare lunch and pm snacks for the whole family as well, you just needed to bring  chicha for while you are the beach lounging, or once you get tired of swimming, just chew a few biscuits then back to swimming again, those sorts of chichas. 004After a little over 3pm I think, then we decided that we can already start washing ourselves to prepare for the long drive back home again. They have washrooms for men and women just beside the main club house. By the time we were about to wash, there was already a line forming at the washrooms which is a sign that every one is on their way home. After a quick wash, a few photos, we decided that we should call it a day and head home.

My verdict:

We did enjoy the free family bonding, hahaha! Of course, who wouldn’t, but the beach at that part of San Juan, was just not that a-okay. The sand when you are in the water seemed like clay, not a very nice feeling when you are in the water. The water was really not that clear and clean. There were few trash floating nearby which gives you the impression that the area is not clean. Hahaha! Nothing is definitely clean elsewhere, but I guess you know what I mean.

The pool is okay for the size the depth and the layout. There is a pool dedicated for people who wants to be relaxed, a jacuzzi pool. There are pools for the kids and kids at heart. Water is , I think, half of my calf level. The pool of the adults were okay as well. It can be used for exercises and laps. Everything is okay but the pool area can use a little more shade. It was really like you were face-to-face with the sun by noon. Hahahaha!

Nevertheless, a nice place to enjoy your summer weekend at.

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