Labor Day Getaway: Hacienda Solange

Last year’s Labor Day, which is also our Lolo Vic and Lola Andy’s anniversary, the whole Solano family decided that we will celebrate it at Boracay.


A photo of my Tito Chris with his kids, Clarisse and Clarence.

This year Tita Chona decided that we shall celebrate it somewhere near. We ended up having the Anniversary gathering / Summer outing / Family bonding at Hacienda Solange in Alfonso, Cavite. 

The View from the pool, the main house with the jacuzzi.

The View from the pool, the main house with the jacuzzi.

Hacienda Solange is a privately owned property that can be rented out by groups of people for private parties and gatherings. It is located at 047 Brgy Esperanza Ilaya, 4123 Alfonso, Cavite. It can be accessed thru SLEX, thru Emilio Aguinaldo Highway and thru Indang-Mendez Road. Of course we took the cheapest route, (hahahaha!) Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, no need to pay for toll fees also we passed by that road because there was festivities going on along Sta Rosa road. It took us around 2-3 hours to reach the place. 

When you reach the Tagaytay rotunda, continue travelling towards Batangas. When you see the zoo on your left, it means that you are about to turn right to the next street. The road had a sign above that says something about the Barangay. You will pass by a subdivision being developed on the left side then an events place on the left. After such it will be farms, bridges and endless farms. No signages can be seen to tell you where the place is. We just relied on Google maps, it was right. Hahaha! The place has white gates and a 2 storey house on the right side.


The view from the front lawn and the inside of the main house.

This is the place photographed from the front lawn. There is ample space for parking 6 cars, I think. When you enter thru the main door, you will see the following spaces, sitting area on the left, two sliding doors on the left and right. The one on the left leads to the main bedroom that has its own bathroom and the sliding door on the right to a bedroom that has 3 double beds.  After the room on the right, you will see 2 doors for the toilet and the shower room.

0001aWhen you go further inside the house, you will be able to see on the farthest right, a door that will lead you to the kitchen. The kitchen is equipped with all the things that a basic kitchen would have to function, refrigerator, sink a stove. They also have a freezer, yung bonggang freezer pang-ice cream vendor. In the middle is the entertainment area. You have a 60-inch LED TV I think. No cable though, they just have lots of dvds that you can choose from to watch. We watched conjuring that night. Hahaha! Takutan lang. On the left side is the dining table where we had our food prepared and displayed at and we ate the food outside, at the backyard. They have caretakers pala to assist you on all your needs. Paluto, palinis, pahugas, lahat. You just have to at least give them something for the additional help.


There is another house located at the backyard that can hold more people for sleeping. The house have 3 bunk beds; the bottom bed is a double bed and the one on top is a single one. Each bunk bed can hold 3 people, so the house can hold 9 people. Additional people can be accommodated if you bring sleeping bags or you can rent at the place. The house also have a toilet and a shower both in a separate room.

0023 0024

Hindi naman kami makalat noh?



0003At lalong hindi kami mahilig sa picture. HAHAHAHA!!!

0002My verdict for the place:

The place is nice for private parties but for adults lang, not advised for family gatherings with kids such as my cousins. The jacuzzi was deep that we had to remove water from it so my cousins can reach the floor and swim on their own. The pool is also a problem. The flooring of the pool is not designed as a normal pool. Usually at one end of the pool is the shallow part and on the other side is the deeper part. In their pool, the perimeter of the pool is all at knee level, if you walk towards the center of the pool, the flooring starts to slope downwards and it gets deeper. Kinda traumatic if you do not know how to swim.

Also the pool is too far from the main house. Maybe it works if you have a party in between the pool and the main house.

Check out their website pala:

Where would the next family outing be?  B-A-T-A-N-E-S!!!!! Wishing.

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  • chona solano

    Ipon na p25K… batanes here we come!

    • Matagal-tagal ata na ipunan to tita chona.Baka 2020 pa tayo makapunta dun. Hehe

  • OrlyS

    Boracay na lang ulet. At least libre yung place. Plane and food lang ang pagiipunan. Pwedeng magboat para mas mura.

    • Hahahaha! Kau bahala magusap usap nila tita cho, tita cindy at tito chris. Hehe.